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At the heart of our company is the passion and willingness to tell a variety of topical and creative stories.

Our aim is simple, to help better the world around us through emotive and thought-provocative content. 

We believe everyone has a story to tell worth telling.


We are always on the lookout for writers with unique and creative stories to bring to life.

Our Productions

Built To Be (2020) | Drama Short Film (4K) | MYM

Built To Be (2020) | Drama Short Film (4K) | MYM

Shray is nearing his final exams at college, however, the stress of exam preparations and his caring duties for his fibro-patient father causes Shray to rely heavily on Marijuana. When the head of year at Shray’s college catches wind of Shray’s dealings, Mr Lynch (Adam Deacon) intervenes promptly, but will it be enough for him to help Shray find a better path? Built to Be was selected in 9 international film festivals and received a total of 5 finalist nominations. There are over 700,000 young carers across the UK. 60% of them will struggle in education because of their caring roles. Think you or someone you know maybe a Young Carer? Charities such as YoungMinds, Carers Trust & Action for Children exist to provide any help and support for both young people and parents. Nearly 2 million people in the UK live with Fibromyalgia. Due to how difficult it is to diagnose, It is still unclear how many people are affected by it. Visit Fibromyalgia Action UK if you suspect yourself or someone you many know to have Fibromyalgia for additional information or any Extra support. More information on the film can be found here - @builttobefilm 📷INSTAGRAM : 🕊 TWITTER : 👨‍💻FACEBOOK : IMDB : •✍️ Written & Produced by Akash Prasad & Liam Cartz - @officialaprasad & @liam_cartz7 •🎬 Directed by Irene Maffei - •👨‍💻Produced by Surrealshot Vision & Ashika Films - @Builttobefilm @officialaprasad • 🎥 Cinematography - Michael Spry - @michael_spry •🎭Starring: Samantha Okan - Kim - @okantwins Adam Deacon - Mr. Lynch - @adamdeaconsworld Akash Prasad - Shray - @officialaprasad Alex Esmail - Amon - @alex_qp_esmail Balbir Sudera - Mr. Vishad - @balbir241 Mia Lysandrou - Beth - @mia_lysandrou Non Vaughan-O'Hagan - Mrs. Lynch Pete Lewis - Doctor Millen - @Pete_lewis_ Anwen Bull - Classroom Teacher/ Miss. Lawson - @anwenbull James Arama - Sign-in Teacher/Mr. Simm - @thejamesarama Ro Ashika - Store customer/Raju - @roashika Andrew Hillary - Nosy Neighbour 🚨SUBSCRIBE : 📷INSTAGRAM : 🕊 TWITTER : 👨‍💻FACEBOOK :

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