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Whether it's to showcase your storytelling capabilities for the first time or work with a different company to develop your project, we are open to receiving music videos, filmed performances, showreel content, short films, and feature-length film Submissions. Please carefully read and acknowledge our FAQS listed below before sending us an email with your project.












What Do we look for?

Quality Over Quantity.

When we receive a script. We usually look for a unique and compelling story that explores themes or topics that are underrepresented. We enjoy a story that doesn't waste time in meeting its aims but also does not rush important storytelling-building points. Essentially, the project you are pitching to us must carry a distinctive voice and Its own character. We aim to avoid developing projects we deem too similar to projects we have worked on before.

What Do I Need To Send?

We require a titled script including the names of its writers, as well as a brief synopsis and any pitch documents or presentations for the project that you are pitching to us.

What are our recommendations for first-time writers/creatives?

It can be challenging to write high-concept ideas with locations and props etc. in mind, however, if this is your first ever film and you are mostly looking for a way to showcase to those around you what you are capable of, we recommend pitching a smaller scale idea before a larger one.


a) If you are self-funding/ crowdfunding or pitching for funding, it is often more achievable for first-time filmmakers when the production scale and budget are smaller.

b) If you want to create and release something quite quickly, write with location and set piece ideas in mind, and look at spaces you could have access to for free or at a relatively low price.

c) Focus your efforts on hitting the milestones you wish to achieve with your first film and look at what your target audience wants to see.

d) Have an open mind on the production and development process but still have a strong visual idea to pitch to your director if it will help inform the creation of the project. More importantly as a writer, it can be easy to grow heavily attached to your project, however, a director will create their own vision based on yours and navigate the ship that you have built, so to speak.

e) Lastly, Don't rush anything. Once it's out, it's out. 

Does Surrealshot Raise The Budget?

Unfortunately due to the number of commissions we receive as well as our own independent projects, we cannot take on any responsibilities for sourcing funding on behalf of the writers we work with. What we can instead offer are suggestions on how one can raise the necessary capital for developing a project and a personalized rough budget breakdown for those willing to self-fund their own project.

Can Surrealshot Write For Me?

If you can send us a full story breakdown with as many pitch documents or storyboard references as you have to hand, In some cases where we have a strong belief in the project, we will accept commissions and write a script on behalf of the original creator, providing Surrealshot and its representatives retain the writing credits. Our commissioned rates can be discussed in accordance with the type of project it is and how willing we are to take it on.

How Much Of My Idea Would Belong To Surrealshot?

When we develop a project, a mutual contractual agreement is established between the writer and our production company to ensure that production can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For clarification, we do not own the rights to your idea after developing it but are simply a partner in its creation and will possess the rights to advertise the film on our channels in a manner that best befits ours and the writer's distribution approach. We often provide our writers with a framework of support from film festival submission guidance to potential distribution platforms.

How does the Directing work? What If I want to Direct my film?

When we develop content from outside of Surrealshot, we always like to make sure if a writer wants to direct their film, they are capable of doing so without our intervention. For this reason, we would ask to see examples of previous work and have a meeting before making a decision. We do have a roster of freelance directors whom we recommend for particular projects based on their genres and the availability of our team. 

If a writer wants to learn how to direct us, we are open for them to shadow us depending on the project, however, they will not receive a directing credit.

Do We Pay Our Talent?

Depending on whether a project we are working on has received professional funding or a self-funded budget from an emerging filmmaker, we will tailor our approach to maximize the resources we have to work with to create the best possible product we can. It is our priority to ensure all crew and talent are properly compensated for their time on any of our fully funded productions, however, due to the nature of some of our low-budget commissions, we cannot always guarantee an Industry standard day rate for our talent no matter how much we want to.

Does Surrealshot Cast For Me? Can I Choose My Talent?

It Is always our priority to ensure the writer has their say on whom they wish to act in the production we develop with them, however in some circumstances, if creative differences or complications arise with talent proposed by either Surrealshot or the writer, we will step in to find a suitable replacement to fill the roles we are casting. Due to the large number of Actors submissions, we receive every year, We always do our best to match actors we find with roles we believe they would be suitable for.

How Do I Make My Way Onto Surrealshot's Casting Platform?

Firstly follow us on our social media channels @Surrealshotmedia to look out for any casting breakdowns we publish. Send us an email with all of your acting materials and ideal casting roles and we will do our best to match you with any suitable roles that may come up with the productions we work on.

Can Surrealshot Work In Partnership With My Production Company Or Someone Else?

While we often work alongside other production companies on different projects we develop, we often ensure each party involved is contributing the necessary amount of what is unanimously fair for all parties involved. An example of this could be if a writer approaches us with a project and also has their own production company they wish to attach, We will require them to also take on a fair amount of responsibility for the development of the project, this could be from raising funds, providing legal accountability and insurance, providing contacts for kit rental houses or freelance individuals who can greatly contribute to the project. Essentially we expect our partnering production companies to match or exceed the contributions of Surrealshot, if this is not the case, we will do our utmost to work out a way to make the project worthwhile for all parties involved. 

How Does Surrealshot's Budget Breakdown Work?

Essentially, we draw up an estimated plan of costs excluding VAT on all aspects/departments and individuals on a film shoot that would need to be accounted for. Depending on the budget of our client, we put together a plan that caters to what they can provide and what we can likely source with the resources we possess. Before we can begin helping our clients put together the necessary components for production, we take an upfront fee to cover our time and work, and the remaining fee is paid after pre-production at a suitable date for all main parties involved. Our rates can begin at £300 and go upward depending on the type of project we are working on. It is most important to remember, that our budget plans never stay the same due to the tumultuous economic climate we are in, prices will always fluctuate, and rates on our budget sheets can either increase or decrease over time. If a client has decided to pursue professional Film funding, we cannot offer any collaborative incentives and will ensure all parties involved in the production receive the appropriate fee for their contributions.

How Long Will It Take For A Response?

Due to the number of projects we have in development, It can take anywhere from one week to several if we're really busy!

What Content Do We Develop?

We have worked on Music Videos, Showreels, and short films across a wide range of Genres and different styles. We are constantly working with new and emerging filmmakers and talents which allows us to continue to present content that speaks to every generation

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